Monday, June 18, 2007

“I’m a Darn Good Mommy Blogger”

Today's Crazy Hip Blog Mama's subject was the weekly column entitled Mother Of The Week. This week she wanted us to brag on ourselves.

“I’m a Darn Good Mommy Blogger”

I ain't all that. And if I am even halfway decent, the only reason is because I have four great kids who provide me with cool stuff to write.
Here's some fodder from the last couple days...

#5...Mommy is laying in bed being lazy and I said, "Kiddo, would you ask MG to cook mommy some Taquitos?" She says "WHAT?!" So I make my request again reeeaaally slowly. And she looks at me with her little eyebrows scrunched up...

"Mom, can you say that in English?"

#1...He has this girl he likes. Katie lives in a little town about 3 miles away. He wrote her a letter and he wants to WALK down the highway to deliver the letter.
First of all, that's A BIIIG Awwwww. Cuz he is a big boy. And it's warm outside. HOW SWEET?!?!
Secondly, He couldn't understand WHY I wouldn't let him do it. Till I told him I loved him and I didn't want him to end up as road-pizza. So I drove him.

I'm a sucker for young love.

We survived the Giant Rat Pizza Company trip. Although several friends offered to buy me free counseling sessions when they found out who I was taking. My girls have some friends who are different. Sweet...but rowdy, you know.
Anyway, it was all worth it when we got home and #3 comes up to me with a big toothy grin and a hug, "MOM, that was the BEST DAY EVER!"

Sorry I haven't been posting much lately. Now that I am a "lady of leisure" I have to vie for my computer time. Anybody got an old computer they want to donate to the Single Mother's Sanity fund?

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Aaron & Alaine said...

Rat Pizza was worth the read, I'm still laughing. And for sanity sake, we know taking other peoples children can be a bit of a risk, but you will leave the world a better place...(in the eyes of your children)!
Be blessed.