Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Thumbs under my 'spenders - CHBM Carnival

Carnival Day!


"My proudest moment as a mother was when..."


"My mother/grandmother's best piece of advice".
Of course, you know I'm picking the first one! But OH it's hard to decide on which "moment" is the best. I am proud of all my children. Everyday they do at least one thing that makes me say "I am SO glad to be your Mom!"
You all are probably tired of hearing about this subject...but my son did one of the bravest things any person ever has to do; report his father for a crime. When he came to my room that morning in June 2005, the look on his 11-year-old face was so pained.
"Mom, Dad did something bad."
When he was questioned later by the police, he said he knew to say something because of what he learned in Cub Scouts. They told him how brave he was; how he was a hero.
He didn't feel like a hero. Actually, he felt guilty.
It's taken a loooong time to convince him that what he did was right. And good. And that I was so proud of him, I was busting the buttons on my shirt. He saved us all. He just doesn't realize it yet.


AuburnGalAlways said...

What a wonderful, brave kid! I'm proud for you too. He's cool. Tell him this stranger woman thinks so!

Visiting from CHBM.

Mama Zen said...

That is so brave! Certainly something to be proud of.