Tuesday, May 08, 2007


The Recipe Rally for today is all about appetizers. My two favorites don't really require any recipe...

Spread some thin-sliced ham with cream cheese. Wrap it around a dill pickle spear. Skewer it with a toothpick.


Then you can get a flour tortilla, sprinkle some cheese, chopped chicken, mild green chili sauce, and chopped olives on there. Cover it with another flour tortilla (preferably the same size) and either mickey-mike it till the cheese melts (about a minute and a half) or lay it in the frying pan till it's light brown and the cheese melts.
Slide it onto a serving plate. Use your pizza cutter to whack it into about 8 equal wedges and serve with monkey dishes of sour cream and salsa.


There you have it, friends. My entire repertoire of appetizers.
Come on, ladies!! post some more and link! I need help!!
I am "appetizer-deficient".

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