Friday, May 04, 2007

My ROFL nomination for April

April '07 ROFL

I am TWO DAYS late on this post! Holy moly! I spend a couple days at home and look what happens. My apologies to Chicky Baby and Riverdale Mama for slacking. Check their pages to see the entire list of nominees.

I nominated the Ambulance Driver for his post about trying to communicate with his patients in Spanish. I laughed so hard when I read it! I know exactly how he feels. I speak just enough to make my Spanish friends think I know what I'm doing. But I don't! YIKES!

A.D. is a hero in my book. I LOVE reading his stories.

He's funny, too. Most of the time.

But whether he's making me laugh or making me think or making me cry, he's always a good read.

CHECK IT OUT!! and have an AWESOME day!

1 comment:

Ambulance Driver said...

Thanks, Janean!

And I have NO idea how I've left you off the blogroll this long, since you've been reading me since the beginning, but I can only apologize and say I got it fixed.

Yer linked now, baby!