Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Dear Kiddos

MamaBlogga is hosting a "group writing project".
I thought it sounded like a BLAST, cuz you know...I'm writing and I can't shut up.

I practically SLEEP with my keyboard. Good thing I can while going potty (I have a wireless keyboard, so hush); Write an essay while cooking dinner - I'm tellin' ya! The range on that wireless keyboard is GREAT, but it's hard to see when I'm making a mistake. Thank God for Spell check.

Anyway, I don't remember how I came upon the MamaBlogga ~ I think it might have been from Scribbit. But I DO know that I like her. AND I love her theme for a here goes!

I know you want me home. Please understand I am trying my best to figure out how to support us all and still be there for you.
That funky little parenting class I took many moon ago only left me with one glaring truth "Your children want attention from you. If they can't get it by being GOOD, they will get it by being BAD; but they WILL get your attention one way or another!"

They weren't lying. Do you know how I know that?
Because I think the lady who wrote that book knows you.

I JUST WANT YOU TO KNOW ONE EVERLASTING TRUTH! I know you are there. I love you with all my heart and I hate being apart from you. I think about you all the time!

So you have my attention! Understand?!?!

NOW, you can stop this campaign to make me grey before my time.
  • Please quit cutting your hair off in my bathroom! I know the sitter should have been watching you better because it probably took a good 30 minutes for you to cut off that much hair and create your reverse mohawk, but STILL...You should have known better!
  • No more making concentrated Koolaid creations in the kitchen. Sticking to the linoleum in the mornings is pretty disgusting.
  • I had to paint those walls in your room. I painted them white because that's the color the landlord bought. I DID NOT paint them white as an invitation for you to DECORATE them with pen, pencil, marker, crayon, fingernail polish and any other marking utensil you can dream up.
  • Those are MY things. Leave them on my dresser or in my jewelry box. I know you want to be close to me, but those things are important to me and it would make me sad to lose them or have them broken.
  • Screaming and throwing yourself on the floor does not make for good communication. The only thing it succeeds in doing is making ME want to run away screaming.
  • I know you don't hate me, but MG, brother and sisters DON'T have that same assurance. When you are angry, it is NOT ok to use your words to hurt others.
  • Please don't cry when I have to go to work. It shatters my heart around my feet and you know what? It's not my fault. If you want to get angry with someone, write a letter to your father ~ you know, the one in prison being served 3 meals a day and not having to pay child support. I'm sorry, I care about him, I do; but he has hurt me enough for one life time so I won't take on the guilt as well.
  • I will be home with you soon. PLEASE just hang on, OK? I don't know what I'm going to do or how I'm going to support us all, but GOD DOES! He has given me a peace about this - it's the right thing to do even if it is super-scary. He'll take care of us. I promise.

Now close your eyes, go to sleep, take a chill-pill, relax. I love you! God loves you! Gramma and Grampa love you! MG loves you!

So stop making us want to tear our hair out, ok?

Much love forever and ever... Mom


Mama Zen said...

Great letter! Now, if only they would listen . . .

Beth said...

Very, very cool. Being the mother of 22, almost 12, and almost 4 boys, I truly say you've got the right idea!

A Life Uncommon said...

Saddend that your struggle is so hard. My heart said a prayer for you today. My you find faver and mercy and a mark of beauty in your day.

Jordan said...

Oh, gracious, I feel ya. Good luck keeping your kids under control (and keeping your patience).

I'm sure you'll do wonderfully!

Thanks for participating, and thank you for your kind words about MamaBlogga!

Corey~living and loving said...

Great letter! I have to go search now to see where you are to be away from them. I hope it ends soon!

A Dusty Frame said...