Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Please pray for my friends!

Just when you think life is going great...WHAMMO! Right between the eyes.

I hadn't gone to visit Heather in quite awhile. Although I continue to pray for her daughter, who is significantly challenged, and, indeed, for their entire family as they live from day to day not knowing how long they have with Emma Grace, she had written not long ago that she needed to take some time off from blogging to be with her family.

Today, while visiting Kelli, I discovered a link and prayer request for "Heather". And I thought, NO, can't be.

But it was.

As if her family isn't dealing with enough, it has been discovered that Heather has an inoperable brain tumor.

"Please, be with her, Father! Hold her in Your Hands and calm Your precious child in the midst of this very scary storm. We are placing our trust in's all we can do.
In the name of Jesus..."

**And pray for Kelli, too! She needs a kidney transplant desperately and has suddenly come down with an infection that could very possibly be deadly. So as long as you're talking to God, please mention Kelli.

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Karianne said...

Oh, J. I'm so sorry.