Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Spring ROCKS! CHBM Carnival

Wow. It's Wednesday Carnival time already? Time flies when you're having fun, I guess.

Crazy Hip Blog Mamas' Carnival theme this week is ~
"I'm looking forward to spring because..."
  • GREEN. In Oregon, the trees are budding and flowering. My lawn is sprouting like a forest and the glorious bush outside my back door is emitting a heavenly scent. Unfortunately, it's also attracting bees...Aaaaagh!
  • Children can go OUTSIDE. Fifteen minutes of peace...until someone comes running in screeching "Mooooomm, she spit at me!" or "Mooooomm, #4 is peeing in the back yard!"
  • BABY ANIMALS. They are SO great for distracting grumpy kids in the car. "Look, honey! a baby sheep!" "Over there, quick! It's a baby horse!" Yes, I know the babies have "proper" names, but if the KIDS don't know them, it don't count.
  • I get to start college. Spring term is beginning and I won a little scholarship that will just about cover one class. I still have to get the instructor's permission, but I am SO excited! If you had told me when I was 16 or 17 that I would be THIS jazzed about SCHOOL, I would have laughed in your face!

Kind of a short post (for me :D) so I will take a minute to say that I hope you are having a wonderful week and I am so grateful you are my blogworld friend. God bless!!

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venessa said...

Yes, yes, yes, and congrats!

Got to you through the carnival, btw. :)