Saturday, April 07, 2007

#4 strikes again LOL

I don't know where the kid gets it...cuz I ain't all that funny. In fact, I've been told on numerous occasions that I have no sense of humor.

Of course, that was my exhubby talking, so take that with a grain of salt.

Anyway, She was in fine form yesterday!!

Dear MG was exhibiting his inner child again and throwing her toys across the living room. The screeching was getting to me, so I suggested she get him with the Koala Poop.
She gets this big grin on her face and runs off into the bedroom. I'm immediately regretting this, you know, because it occurs to me that she is PROBABLY not going to be able to find the Koala bear and the whining will begin. THEN I'll have to get up and go find it...
Anyway, you get my point. And the entire purpose of the "end to the conflict" will have been defeated.
Yet, there is no noise. COOL! Peace and quiet...
Here she comes with this smile that makes you wonder "What in the WORLD is up?" and her arms behind her back.

"Mom, I found something that works better than Koala Poop!"

OH BOY! Better than Koala Poop? I gotta see this....

"YEP! it's DRAGON POOP!" Out comes the pink stuffed dragon, hiney appropriately aimed at the offending father-figure.

I don't know (I was laughing too hard) but do you think Dragon poop is worse than Koala Poop?
Aaaah. Another addition to my list of "Things I Will Never Understand and Need to Remember to Ask God About When I Get To Heaven."

Then her big sisters went swimming with a friend and brother was at a friends' house, too. So she is home alone with MG and me. She is whining because she is bored.
(Been alot of whining going on at our house lately, in case you couldn't tell).
So I suggest a bubble bath. Even though she had one LAST night, it'll keep her entertained, you know.

"Sure, Mom! That sounds like a good idea! I need a bath. I smell like an armpit!"

Uhhhh, Yah. She couldn't understand why I was giggling the entire time I was running the tub.

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