Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Through A Child's Eyes - CWO IOW

"I long to worship Jesus with the heart of a child, in a state of pure and true adoration. Yet so many things of the world cloud my thoughts and pull on my heart until it's no longer just a girl in the arms of the Father"
~ Darlene Schacht ~
"The Mom Complex"

Our hostess this week is Iris at Sting My Heart.

It was so easy to see the wonder of God's Creations when my children were little. Now that they are growning up, I find that it takes a conscious effort to slow us down; to check out the "Oooo, WOW, look at that!" moments.

Sunrises, sunsets, babies, eskimo kisses, cheek-hugs, and seeing the special qualities in friends and family.

My dad is SO awesome when it comes to marveling daily at the Glory of God. As a child, I remember thinking that my dad was SO smart. He would point out different plants, grasses, animal tracks; amazing, wonderful things from a child's eyes. **GROSSNESS ALERT** We did alot of hunting and fishing so I got to experience firsthand knowledge of the insides of fish and animals. We dissected hearts, livers, gills and other glorious guts and body parts.

Now he does it with his 14 grandkids and they follow him everywhere. We call them "Grampa's Groupies." Grampa laces up his boots and suddenly children are running everywhere; gathering up their boots and coats and hollering "Gampa, Wait for MEEeeee!"

I learned SO much from him. And now I am able to pass it on to my kids. **ANOTHER GROSSNESS ALERT** Nothing says "family bonding" like watching a fish's heart beating outside it's body or checking out the little clear hard ball inside the fish's eye.

Yes, I did that. Ewwww!

Another part of this quote that touched my heart was the last phrase about being in the arms of the Father. I have had several quiet times with the Lord the last couple weeks where I have had the pleasure of mentally climbing up in Jesus lap and reliving the peace and joy of childhood.

I wrote about it Sunday in my Psalm post:

"Sometimes when I feel like life is getting to me, I visualize; I close my eyes and picture myself as a child sitting on His lap with my arms around Him, laying my head on his chest. It feels so good to be held, to see Him smile down at me. I don't have to worry about anything; I'm just His kid and He's taking care of me."

I can't express how awesome it feels. The temptation comes to not return to reality; to just keep my eyes closed and stay there in that place.

But the time comes when I must jump down, wave and say "I won't forget! I'll stay close by and I'll be back real soon!"

OK, now ya'll think I'm nuts. But that's how I relate to my Heavenly Father. It works for me.

It's also kind of a personal thing. I don't tell alot of "real life" people...maybe because of that reason; that they'll think I'm nuts. Don't know why I told you.

Maybe because I know you are my friends and you aren't out to judge me or make fun of me.

You don't laugh AT me...You laugh WITH me.

Right? !!

OK...stop laughing now.



Denise said...

I really enjoyed reading your thoughts, bless you.

eph2810 said...

Well - if it makes you feel better - I am nuts too...I talk to my Heavenly Father all day long - especially in the car - out loud, mind you. So if ever anyone sees me in the car moving my lips - they might wonder.
I have never dissected anything in my life though...

Thank you for sharing your thoughts on this week's IOW quote.

Blessings on your evening and always...

Loni said...

NOPE! I did not laugh at you! I REJOICE with you! Thanks for sharing so well. :)

Amydeanne said...

nuts... lol I am as well! Thanks for sharing! :)