Monday, February 05, 2007

Moms I wanna meet - CHBM 18

The Carnival question this week is "List a famous mom you want to meet".

I'm going to preface this post by saying that what I'm going to write PROBABLY isn't what the nice lady was thinking when she nominated this topic for discussion.
So I'll apologize ahead of time. Sorry.

So here's my list of famous moms I'd like to talk to for just a minute...because I'd REALLY like to ask them a couple of questions.

George Washington's Mother - I want to ask her HOW she got her kid to actually ADMIT to doing something wrong; as in "I cannot tell a lie, I chopped down the cherry tree!"
Because my kids CAN tell lies and do on a regular basis. I know it's part of being a kid, but apparently she got her's to tell the truth.
I don't know; maybe mine ARE telling the truth and there IS another kid in my house named "Eyedunnoh Knot-Me". If so, I'd like to know where he sleeps because he's been here a LONG time and his sheets probably need to be changed and his laundry done and he's probably pretty hungry after all these years of not showing up for dinner.
HEY! Maybe that's where all those single socks go. And the cookies that disappeared.

Ummmm, that's kinda scary.

Anyway, back to my list.
Mary ~ Jesus' mom. How in the world do you punish GOD? That has always just boggled my mind. Which brings me to a story...
Car ride...always a good time for a talk, you know.
Boy - Mom, who was Mary?
Me - Well, God thought Mary was so good that He chose her to be the Mommy of His son, Jesus.
Boy - Ummm, you really should try to be more like Mary.

Yes, he's still alive.

Jabez's Mother - I don't know if you've ever read Bruce Wilkinson's book "The Prayer of Jabez" but it's a pretty powerful book on 1 Chronicles chapter 4. Apparently, she did a good job raising him because he is named in the BIBLE (that is a major distinction in itself!) AND it says "he was more honorable than his brothers". Which might or might not be a good thing; depends on how bad his brothers were. ANYWAY, I would like to ask her WHY should would saddle her child with a name that means "PAIN". Maybe she had a rough labor.
I don't know...I just wondered.

Sacajawea - I want to ask her how she managed to make it from one end of the United States to the other without killing either Mr. Lewis or Mr. Clark. No way to ask for directions, raising a baby in the wilderness. NOT my idea of a fun time.

OH! and last but NOT least...
Bill Gates' mom - Because I'd like to see if she could talk her son into donating about $100,000 to the cause of single motherhood (mine, that is! ;P)

And I'm probably going to think of about 10 others as soon as I hit "Publish"...


amy said...

What a neat idea for a post! Great choices!

Ambulance Driver said...

LOL...nice post, Janean!

I always figured Mary just told Jesus, "What have I told you about turning water into wine for your friends? Did their parents approve? What if someone had ridden home drunk? YOU JUST WAIT UNTIL YOUR FATHER COMES HOME, YOUNG MAN!!!"

Kaleigh said...

Great minds definitely think alike! Great post. I frequently am very thankful that I'm NOT Mary.

Heather said...

Great choices!

If you get some cash from Bill, send some my way too.

Here via CHBM.

amaras_mom said...

This post made me fall out of my chair laughing! Mary...I never thought to include her, but the idea of scolding the son of God doesn't sit very well with me!

Here via the CHBM!