Thursday, December 28, 2006

TT that redundant?

Why does it seem harder and harder to come up with 13 things? I'm gonna have to go look at more lists from others to try to get some ideas!

Maybe next week, I'll do my 13 favorite books that I've read.

Here's Thirteen of my favorite television shows/movies. In no particular order...

1) White Christmas with Bing Crosby and Danny Kaye. I especially love the musical productions!
2) 007 movies. I like the older ones best. A wonderful mentor and friend and I used to watch them on Friday evenings sharing popcorn and ideas about life. He died a horribly painful death from abdominal cancer. I miss him every day.
3) CSI - My favorite is CSI (regular standard Gil Grissom type). CSI Miami is my second fave - Horatio Rocks. Don't care much for CSI; NY.
4) Baby Stories. I am a birth story addict. I want to hear them all!
5) Sesame Street. Yep, I'm serious. It's fun to interact with my kids like that with songs and games and characters I remember from my own childhood.
6) Cops. Can you tell I'm an adrenaline junkie?
7) I also like Forensic Files.
8) KPTV Fox 12 Good Day Oregon - Andy Carson is a riot.
9) HOUSE!! I don't know why I am so attracted to the rude arrogant poo...but I know I'm not the only one.
10) Crossing Jordan is one of my favorites, too.
11) And I must confess...I like The Gaither Hour. Most other humans under the age of 60 don't. I'm usually one of three at the Southern Gospel events that doesn't have entirely grey hair. But that's ok...I don't care. I still enjoy it.
12) Old musicals like "Hello Dolly", "Sound of Music", or "Fiddler on the Roof". Although they are hardly ever on television (although I did hit the jackpot and found Sound of Music on this holiday season) I watch them whenever I can.
13) Wildest Police Videos. Yah, my adrenaline rush fix again.

Hope your holidays are wonderful. God bless!


Teena said...

Good list! My sister loves "House".

My TT13 is up :)

suki said...

Yeah, I'm definitely finding it harder to create these list of thirteens. One week, I found myself starting to create a list that I'd already done awhile back. Found out through my archives, so I had to come up with something else.

Bubba said...

I like your title. I actually posted my thirteenth thirteen two weeks ago.

House is one of my favorites too. I believe one of the attractions to us is to see someone so rude and arrogant...that has lived as long as House has. Why hasn't someone killed him yet? lol

Happy TT...and Happy New Year!

Norma said...

I've been checking TV DVDs out of the library--like Boston Legal, Monk and Hetty Wainthropp. Lots of enjoyment there because I rarely watch TV and miss some good shows.

My TT this week is on new year's finances. And visit my Friday Photo before you dash off.

amy said...

I watch all reality baby stories as well. Thanks for admitting it