Saturday, December 23, 2006

Holiday wishes

Because doing this is TONS More cheerful than what I was going to write about today. And it's only 8 questions. Picked this up from Shannon @ Rocks in My Dryer. If you haven't read her stuff, you should. She never fails to bring a smile.

1. What is guaranteed to make you smile over the holidays? The squeals when I tell my kids that I'm letting them open presents on Christmas Eve after services instead of making them wait till Christmas morning. (they'll have stockings Christmas morning, so that'll be good, too).
2. What makes you weepy during the holidays? My family. Missing my grandparents, thinking about how our family composition has changed over the years.
3. How will you spend Christmas Eve and Day? Christmas Eve morning I have to work, then we'll have dinner and go to the special service at church. After that I'm gonna let the kids open presents. Christmas morning, we'll open stockings and just hang out until I have to go to work that afternoon.
4. What was your most memorable Christmas and why? My favorite Christmas memory is when our family did the quilt for my grandparents and gave it to them at our Christmas Eve celebration. They were just awed. I wanted to borrow it and show it once, but Gram would never part with it...especially after Gramp passed away. Now it's in my aunts' possession, as Gram has gone on to be with the Lord as well. But when I close my eyes, I can see them both sitting by the woodstove at my aunts house, just poring over that quilt and basking in the love that went into it's creation.
5. Christmas form letters from friends -- pro or con? Definite Pro! That's the only way I'd keep up with alot of my friends, especially the long-distance ones.
6. In your home is Christmas more of a religious or secular observance?
Let me sum it up this way...It's Jesus' Birthday Party!!! Is that a combination of the two?
7. What is your favorite Christmas Carol? Carol of the Bells. Especially Manheim Steamrollers version. And of course, Jangle Bells! :D
8. What is your deepest prayer for the world this Christmas? That we all might take a minute this holiday to just sit and be GRATEFUL for what we have. Philippians 4:11-12.

Sorry I don't have any cool links...but I can't figure out how to rename them so they look nice in my posts (instead of a big string of gobbledygook).

Anyway, Here's hoping you and your family have a peaceful holiday.

And God bless your socks off as you celebrate the birth of His Son.

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