Sunday, November 12, 2006

Nine weird things..

Saw this several times this morning while doing my "daily blog rounds" and thought it sounded like fun.

Plus, Everyday Mommy said TAG at the end of her I HAVE to do it NOW! I've been tagged! :D

It's kinda like a DARE, you know.

So I'll try to give you some entertainment here...without repeating stuff you already know OR grossing you out. Hmmmmm

1) I LOVE to sniff candles. I go to every single candle party I can find. Just gimme a box of candles with the little legend on the top and I will be happy for about an hour. I may also hyperventilate...

2) I delivered our fourth baby at home, in my own bed. Serious. It was VERY awesome. I highly recommend it!

3) My teeth are funny colors. I swear. Kinda clear/grey with lines in them. The dentist says it's because I was exposed to Tetracycline in utero.

4) I'm allergic to Tetracycline. Hmmmm! GO figure!

5) I have NEVER EVER stood on my head. Never! I'm serious!

6) I can remember about a hundred phone numbers and another hundred extensions for the switchboard at work. But I CANNOT remember what 6 X 7 is to save my life! My brain only retains about half of the multiplication tables. It's a handicap...especially when my kids need help with their math homework. I always use myself as a BAD example, as in "LOOK what HAPPENS if you don't study hard and learn this stuff! You could end up LIKE ME!"
**NOTE - I am REALLY tempted to make a bad John Kerry joke here, but I will restrain myself**

7) I have whiskers. Three of them. Two dark and one blonde (or grey, I can't tell). And one chest hair. His name is Harry. :D Don't know why I didn't name the chin ones. Guess I am weird after all!

8) I REALLY don't like getting wet. I endure showering, rain, and swimming when it is necessary. NO water fights, no splashing, thank you very much. I didn't used to be this way and I don't remember when the change occurred. I used to run on the beach and splash in the surf in 40 degree weather as a teenager. Which brings me to an interesting piece of trivia-slash-advice;
**NEVER bodysurf in a tube top. This is the voice of experience talking.**

9) Ummmm, I'm one of those weird picky eaters who likes ketchup, but not tomatoes and eats Tuna (especially home-canned tuna) but NOT fish. Am I psycho?

Now that you know how weird I am, will you still be my friend? :D

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Janene said...

I feel better this morning than I did last night ~ could have been the venting...or maybe it was the crying I did until I fell asleep. Pathetic, I know. I've decided this morning that it's time to stop complaining and deal...what else is there to do?

By the way...I love sniffing candles, too! I'd be way too scared to deliver my baby at home...but can totally see the appeal to it. When you're on #4 I bet you'd feel a little calmer about it. I'm not really a headstander ~ but I've done it on the couch when I was little. I'm horrible with numbers...all numbers. Math was always my least favorite subject. I have a few whiskers myself. I'm a fan of rain. I'm not too big on ketchup ~ but I like tomatoes. Go figure!

Thanks for stopping by! I'm going to add you to my blogroll so I can visit daily! :)