Thursday, November 09, 2006

My TT post. #6 (I think)

Kinda different, but I got the idea from a fellow blogger-mom. I don't have a cool picture like she did, but I'll describe as best I can.

1) One VERY old "3D Bug Attack" CD-Rom game that won't work with anything newer than Windows 95. Which is also true of about 2/3rds of the CD Games I have. Which reminds me that I need to sort those things out.

2) One orange plastic pumpkin Trick-Or-Treat bucket with about 3 pieces of hard candy in it. YOU know...the kind NO one wants to eat. Which is why it's still there.

3) a Sponge Bob Square pants folding chair from my #4's play table set. It's actually kinda spooky having him sit there and GRIN at me. Ummmmm....

4) Pictures of my kiddos that need to be hung. I want to have 8X10's of when they were Babies and then a (supposedly) current 8X10 below that. Got them all in frames. Just need to hang them on the wall. Somewhere.

5) Pale pink fingernail polish. The #2 stayed home from school today. "Sick". Which means "I want some time with Mommy". She only had a half day anyway, so I figured "What the heck?!?" We went to Wally world and I splurged and bought her some polish and M&M's flavored lip gloss. She is so incredible!

6) #2 ... She's sitting right beside me. :D

7) My cuppa coffee. :D French Vanilla Decaf

8) The Great fish tank experiment. Total body count...about 30. One male guppy, one shrimp, one frog (yeah! I saw him this morning!) and about 5 snails remain.

9) My artistic #3's notebooks. About 10 of them; she has filled every page with art or writing. Amazing. Thank goodness Wally world has these spiral binders for $.10 each. So all of that work...worth one dollar, yet priceless.

10) White cat. Tinkerbelle. I swear; I am SO glad that this animal does not have opposable thumbs. She reaches up and tries to open the door with her paws. Heaven knows what she could teach herself if she could actually GRIP!

11) Boxes of office supplies/Desk contents that I have never unpacked. Moved here in April. Ummmm...DON'T say anything. I know, I know.

12) an AWESOME picture of my father and grandfather in their boat shop. They build wooden boats. My grandfather died suddenly in 1998. It's just incredible to me how closely my FATHER resembles HIS Father.

13) A calendar with inspirational sayings on it. This month sports a picture of a championship swimmer and the words "SUCCESS...It seems to be connected with action. Successful people keep moving. They make mistakes, but they don't quit."

Ooooo WOW!

Gotta run. Got a busy night! God bless ya'll.


Tug said...

I have so many pictures to hang...and no room. Because I won't take the old ones down...heh heh

Happy TT!

amy said...

Great list...I couldnt do one like that though...mine wouldnt be interesting at all