Sunday, November 26, 2006

In "Other" Words - Tuesday 11/28

This week's quote to ponder is...

"God has delivered us, He has parted waters for us, He has made water gush forth from rocks and sent us our own manna from heaven. He has brought us into our own Promised Land. Will I miss the opportunity to tell the story to our children?"
~ Ann Voskamp, Holy Experience ~

OH! I hope I don't miss the opportunity to tell the stories to my children.

"Dear Heavenly Father;

Please, Lord, I beg before You now; keep me thankful for Your gifts. I NEVER want to become so dependent on You that I just EXPECT You to provide for me, yet I always want to have the FAITH that You can and You will.

Remind me to continue to sing the "God is so good" chorus with my children when we are blessed with unexpected finances.

Break my heart to the point of tears when I come home and find an "angel" has left groceries on my doorstep.

You are AMAZING beyond words, My Father, and I want to always hold that awe for your blessings as a light before my children so they, too, may grow to depend on You with thankfulness.

In Your Precious Son's Name..."

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