Tuesday, November 14, 2006

How do you prove it?

I've had a little trouble today.
Mainly with controlling my temper. I'm JUST A LITTLE frustrated. *slight facial tic here*

When someone tells a lie about you, how do you PROVE you didn't say/do what they are accusing you of? It's just your word against theirs. And your friends and loved ones don't know who to believe.

LET me tell you WHAT...some VERY un-Christian thoughts have been running through my head the last couple of hours.

Maybe I'm just too hot-headed, but I wanna go kick her butt!

That's not right, is it?

Rats! I JUST KNEW you were going to say that. So I can't go kick her butt?


So what do I do?

Option A) Fight, argue back, try to persuade the onlookers that I am the one to be believed.
Option B) Back off and allow Christ to work it out.
Option C) Combination of the two - State my case, then back off.

I chose "C". I must admit...I got my panties in a major wad. Said some things I probably shouldn't have. Although I didn't call names. So I was proud of myself over that.

It's just so FRUSTRATING. Aaarrgh!

Some little phrases come to mind... like

"Some people are like slinkies. They're not much good for anything, but they do make you smile when you push them down the stairs."

OK, that one was mean...kind of!

"Stress = when the brain is trying desperately to override the body's desire to choke the life out of someone who desperately NEEDS it."

Ummm, Yah. OK. That one was DEFINITELY mean!


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Janene said...

hehehe ~ Sounds like it's your turn to do some venting...but you sound even angrier than I did!

I have to say that I think "C" was your best bet. It's so hard to not fight back and get involved in a big old mess when someone does something false like that. I know I've been in situations where I've gotten involved in a she said/she said kind of thing and they are just nasty.

Stating your case and leaving the rest to God is a much better way to deal. And it's okay to have visions of pushing someone down the steps...but only once...if you do it more than that it's bordering an obsession and that could be bad! :)