Thursday, November 23, 2006

Celebration and prayer request.

Here's hoping you have a WONDERFUL holiday!

Gotta go pig out with my family.

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Please keep us in your prayers. Although MG was SO looking forward to his first holiday with my family, he is seriously ill and has to stay home. Also #1 is sick and staying home with him, too. Kinda puts a damper on the holiday. I want to spend it with those I love...and they'll all be seperated.
Also, late last night, my mother called to tell me that my first ex's father passed away yesterday. He was a sweet, sweet man and I will miss him.
Mom also told me that my youngest sister slammed her hand in a door and was on her way to the ER. She was doing the turkey for today. Wooops. And she is also a single mommy who works 6 days a week and can't make enough to make ends meet. If she is unable to work...Not a good thing!
God can do anything. I'm sure He will work this all out. And I still have lots to be thankful for. So I'm trying not to be sad. I have so many friends who have such tragic things going on in their lives...I have no room to complain. Am only asking for prayer.
God bless, Ya'll!

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scribbit said...

Hope you had a wonderful holiday.