Sunday, November 05, 2006

From Blog Addiction to Chasing Rabbits

I can't believe how addictive this blog stuff is. Especially for a Mommy-of-four who works full time. I hardly have time to call my Real-Life buddy T. Poor MG has to practically follow me around the house or order me to SIT DOWN so he can get some time with me.
That's why it's so cool that I'm able to "check in" with all my Blog-friends while I'm working. It helps to pass the time. And I feel like I KNOW these people. Even though they could be making things up, I guess.

But I don't know why they would. I don't know why anyone would! Real life is WEIRD enough. I tend to trust too often (I think the word is Naive). But they have gone through some of the same stuff I have!! AND worse!! I connect, ya' know.

The list of "My Favorite Bloggers" gets longer every day. But I check in with each one to see if they've got anything new up. Maybe leave a comment or three. :D
And they probably don't even know me from Adam (to coin one of my father's phrases).

And we ALL can tell how JD loves to WRITE! I was looking at my list....something like 70 posts since July. But it sure does help my stress level.

I got MG to read some the other day. It was SO cool. He was having a rough time understanding why I do this. Doesn't care to have his "laundry" aired in public. I can see his point. I really can!

Explained to him I was reasonably careful. And just asked him to READ what I wrote. Just a little. PLEASE.

It's important to me.

And he DID!! It made me happy. Don't know why. Maybe because no other male of the species has ever given me that much consideration.

Maybe just because it showed how much he loves me;that he would be open enough to at least check it out. That he would take the time to look at something I created.


Other things he does to show me he loves me fill my days.
  • He's cooking dinner for me tonite. :D And last night, he had a business meeting...and he brought home PIZZA so I didn't have to cook. What a BABE!!
  • He is doing his level best to relate to my four gorgeous blessings. He works from home so he is with them more than I am. And they love him TONS. Even though they do say he's MEAN when he doesn't let them have candy before dinner. LOL
  • He has decided that a clean kitchen in a priority of his life. I think I've done the dishes ONCE in the last 3 months. How AWESOME is that, huh???
  • He tells me everyday how important I am, how wonderful I am, how beautiful I am. MAN! A girl could get a swelled head. I definitely AIN'T all that!

OK, he's not perfect. I will admit that...but I'll trade socks on the floor for a clean kitchen anyday. Wouldn't you?

In other news, I am beginning to doubt my dentist. Like I have a choice with my insurance. There's only ONE dentist I'm allowed to go to within a 50 mile radius of my house. And she can only fit me in once every 3 weeks.

By the time I get to my next appointment (I have one on Wednesday this week) the repair she did the visit before has broken or failed.

Makes me it me? Have I ruined my teeth by not taking my vitamins and calcium faithfully after my Gastric Bypass? Is dental work supposed to be so fragile I can't eat Doritos without destroying my upper right molar (WHICH, by the way, I went through hell-on-earth to have a root canal done on and is now BROKEN!) One Dorito! I have no upper teeth on the LEFT side of my mouth, so I HAD to use the right side.

But shouldn't a filling (Root Canal)work like a REAL tooth?

Or am I living in a fantasy world?

And the lower left molar that she was SUPPOSED to have fixed two visits ago hurts like a &*^% AND has a broken edge along the gumline on the inside. I know this because I keep hitting it with my tongue.

I was wondering on the way to work if I could get away with having ALL my teeth just PULLED. Get implants or something. No more pain. No more dental visits.

Sounds like heaven on earth to me!

Anyone want to spot me about $5000 for implants (DENTAL implants)? While you're at it, add another $3000 for Lasik so I don't have to wear these stupid glasses anymore.

And I could use about $1000 for textbooks...

BUT WAIT..I digress. :D

Is "chasing rabbits" allowed in Blog-world?

And how did I get from "Blog friends addiction" to dental work?

The ramblings of a tired mind...Thanks for reading anyway.

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Karla said...

Hey! Thanks for stopping by to check out my Faith Shapes study post. :) I do have difficulty making decisions, since you mention it. ;)
And thanks for the compliments on my little Minnie Mouse. Hope you get your pics posted soon.
And yes, rabbit chasing is allowed in the Blogosphere. :)
I hate to hear you're having so much trouble with your dental stuff. That's the pits! I've had quite a bit of work done to my mouth too. It's so aggravating.
And blogging is definitely addictive! I've had to draw some limits for myself, so my family doesn't disown me. :) It's tough.