Sunday, October 29, 2006

Sniffles and potato salad

Have you noticed that I usually write in Large Bold type (different fonts, but still large and bold). Holy. Moly. Does that mean I'm getting (GULP) Old? Yikes!! Don't you EVEN say it!!

My sweet MG has a cold! He is so stuffy and lays awake at night coughing. Poor Baby Boy! He's trying so hard to finish a commissioned project on time and he can hardly breath. Now here's the kicker...

I AM JUST BLOWN AWAY BY THIS GUY!! Every man I've ever known with the exception of my father is a MAJOR weenie when they are sick. (My Daddy could cut his arm off and he's just say "My, That hurts" and go back to chopping wood or mowing the lawn).
Men tell you OVER AND OVER, ad nauseum, how bad (terrible, crappy, awful, horrible, ill, etc, etc) they feel. One can only say, "I'm so sorry, honey" about 22 times before your voice starts tweaking toward sarcasm and you begin to wish he would hurry up and DIE like he seems to think he's going to. JUST KIDDING, but you know what I mean...Even number one son is that way. It's ok, I know he's just practicing to be a man.

HOWEVER, my wonderful, precious, gorgeous guy DOES NOT DO THIS!! Serious!! Kidd you not! I have to BEG him to tell me how he's doing and he apologizes for waking me up with his coughing. Aaawww!

Yes, he's a man. Very macho. Last night, he told me to soak my feet and he massaged them with lotion. This morning, he made me potato salad...Ladies, let me tell ya', this guy makes KILLER potato salad. OOOhhhh YAAHhhhhh!

And he's home with my kiddos today while I work. Yesterday, he took them to a parade.

All this when he has a cold. Stuffy, flushed, probably running a fever. Trying to meet a deadline.

Tell ya' what! I love this guy! He's my bestest friend. It breaks my heart that he doesn't feel good. But I am SO stinkin' proud of him.
When it turns out your first husband was a rapist and your second husband is a child molester, you start questioning yourself. What kind of decisions am I capable of if I choose men like that? How can I trust myself anymore?
But God steps in and says "Hey, JD! The choices those men made were NOT your fault, girl! Here...I'll give you a guy SO WONDERFUL that you'll know without a doubt that he's a gift from Me!"

Someone I can respect, someone who will lead instead of forcing me into that role, someone who treats me like a princess, someone who will love my children and guide them with care. Even when they do drive him crazy! :D

Thanks, God! I don't deserve any of this...

But thanks!

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Karla said...

Aw, that's really cool! Sounds like you've got a great guy! :)
Hey, thanks for your well wishes for the Women of Faith Conference this past weekend. It was great!!
I'm hoping to be able to gather my thoughts well enough to post about it within the next couple days! :)