Saturday, September 16, 2006

Today...Is Just Another Day

Good morning! Seems I say that several hundred times a day...I try not to let it get "old", you know. I make an effort to MEAN it whenever I say it. After all, the next person to call doesn't know I've already said it to 223 people in the last 7 hours. Isn't that what "customer service" is all about? Making each person feel special and important; like they matter in the scheme of things.

Update on the Stalker woman...Got an email from her on my "dummy" email account I have set up to get Spam mail from websites you want to check out but don't want to deal with the garbage. You know what I'm talking about...if you don't have one, too, I'd be surprised. ANYWAY, she says I'm a horrible parent and endangering my kids, blah, blah, blah...and she's not going to contact me anymore. So I think WOOOHOOO! Awright! Maybe psycho chick has gotten the hint.

Ohhhh Nooo! Get an email from some psychic...(psychic - psycho...I'm seeing a pattern here) So the psychic informs me that she has gotten a request to do my horoscope and has been provided with my full name, birthday, hometown, and lots of other information about me. However, she is going to send the "reading" to ME, rather than to the requestor. OK, that's a good thing, I guess; that is IF anything is GOOD about this.
FURTHERMORE, the psychic says that "stalkerwoman" has requested readings for two other people. I'm assuming that would be my friends...however she won't get good readings for them because she hasn't gathered as much info about them.

You know, as much as this irritates the crap out of me, I have to keep reminding myself that I have THE WORST credit in the world already and there really isn't anyway she can hurt me. It just TICKS ME OFF.

There, I feel better! :D Maybe if I just don't answer, she'll get tired/bored and go away.

ON TO A NEW SUBJECT...anyone have any remedies for childhood phobias involving toilet paper? I know, I know, it's probably just a "4 year old stage" she's going through, but it gets REALLY tedious having to go into the bathroom with her, blow on the piece of toilet paper she's going to wipe with to show her it's "safe" and then hold her in a big bear hug while she flushes. What happens when I'm WORKING? Does she hold it all day?
She says she's afraid of it because it moves. Last week, a piece got stuck to her leg (somehow...please don't ask, I don't know) and she comes SCREAMING out of the bathroom! GET IT OFF...GET IT OFF!! HYSTERIA!! I'm sorry...I was laughing too hard to do anything constructive at the time. Now I have to deal with the repercussions. Maybe I just have to give it some time?.....

Something else I want to know...Is it torture to feed your kids Mac and Cheese twice in one day? We had a contest of sorts yesterday. I made them "Blue Box" Cheese and Macaroni for lunch. And MG decides he wants to make "homemade" for dinner. "It's really good stuff!" He says. "They'll like it better!"
Well, it ACTUALLY was very good...from my perspective. But I don't really count as I can only eat about 6 oz of food per meal. One kid LOVED it and one kid tolerated it and two kids headed straight for the trashcan with their plates. I think the chef was mildly downhearted. It might have been more well-recieved had they not just eaten it 5 hours earlier. So we'll have to try it again...

Don't know if ya'll have seen the news story or not, but it's turning into something quite involved. Coupla' days ago, 50-something year old nurse from Portland comes home to find "badguy" in her house. Fight ensues and she strangles him with her bare hands. Yep...Dead! WOW! My hero.
Badguy has extensive criminal history and she has had badguys break into her house before. Guess she just decided she wasn't gonna take it anymore! And she didn't even need a gun! Although if I were her, I would have been packin', fer sure!!
Anyway, I hear on the news last night that her ESTRANGED (I like that word...don't know why :D) husband has been arrested for solicitation to commit Murder. YUP, friends and neighbors, Dead Badguy wasn't there to simply rob her. And I bet she had some idea...She's probably been practicing to strengthen her grip with all those hypodermic syringes and waiting for just the right moment.
But I don't care. I'd still like to shake her hand and give her a hug for being so brave!

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