Sunday, August 13, 2006

A unique phenomenon...

It's always amazing to me (and somewhat sad, I must admit) when, in the course of a discussion, I discover that someone has never experienced UNCONDITIONAL LOVE. Have you?
I always took it for granted as a child and as a teenager. But the more I grow and learn, the more often I find out that this gift is very rare! UNCONDITIONAL LOVE.
In fact, most people I talk to have no concept of how it works, how it feels, how incredibly wonderful it is to have that security in your life. To know you are LOVED...always, forever, no matter how badly you screw up. No matter what you say or think or how you live your life...someone loves you! That's UNCONDITIONAL LOVE.
I've become painfully aware of my shortcomings as a parent in the last few weeks. And I realize my parents may have made some mistakes while I was growing up. But one thing they did RIGHT was to make sure I was aware of their love for me. Even though my self-esteem is in the toilet right now because of the actions of my child and the repercussions from that, I can rejoice in the fact that I, also, am doing at least ONE thing right. My kids know I love them and that they are NUMERO UNO in my life! I have given up everything for them. They know that I may not LIKE their actions, but I always, always love THEM!
I wish, for all of you, someday, somehow, that you get to experience this unique phenomenon. It's a bright, shining North Star for me in a world that sometimes seems VERY black.

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