Friday, December 19, 2008

Cavities, Decay, PLAQUE!

Took my kids in for the yearly dental check up.
We go to OHSU Pediatric Dental School.
Let me tell you, when the ONLY dentist in our town that accepts our insurance advised me that she didn't "do" kids...especially NERVOUS kids...and referred us to the Dental School, I was nervous. I thought, I don't want "students" working on my kids. One has already had a HORRIBLE nightmarish event with a dentist. I still get nauseous when I think about it.
But these students have been IN-CREDIBLE!! they are so caring and gentle. They take time to make sure the kids are not scared. They do everything they can to make it fun! The waiting room is painted like a forest. One of the supervising dentists does an amazing impression of Donald Duck.
ANY WAY...last time we were up there, the student working on #1 was stunned that the kid only brushed his teeth once a day (if that!).

OK, I know. But I turned my mommy license in last week, so you'll just have to owe me one.

This student suggested electric toothbrushes. And #1 bit. Hook, line and sinker. And he told numbers 2, 3, and 4. And mommy was saying to herself "please, Dear Lord, don't let them be expensive!" Cuz one toothbrush ain't bad, but TIMES FOUR?


Turns out they weren't too bad at all. I got one for all of them for under twenty bucks. And the batteries were dead by the time we got home. Toothbrush fights, you know.

So today while I was over at Five Minutes for Mom, I saw they had a drawing for a free FANCY Oral B electric toothbrush. Cadillac Style!

Which drew my attention...because
NOW I'M JEALOUS! I want one, too!

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