Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Plastic storage wonders

I read a story once about someone who never washed their Tupperware. When it was dirty, they just carried it out into the back garden and buried it.

My thoughts on that are many...
First, plastic isn't biodegradeable. So what kind of a garden is that going to be in a couple of years?
and what are this person's grandchildren going to be dealing with after they pass on?
Secondly, If this is a true story, I'm heading to the nearest stock broker to buy me some shares of Tupperware and Rubbermaid Industries.
Thirdly, which one of us, if we are HONEST with ourselves hasn't fleetingly entertained the idea of, if not burying that plastic monstrosity that holds spaghetti stains like superglue, at LEAST just snuggling it to the bottom of the trash can under the egg shells and coffee grounds. They are relatively one will miss it...My friend Jeanne who sells Tupperware needs the business!

But you know, I really hate to get rid of those handy plastic reuseable containers. Kool Whip, Gold-n-soft, and those bake-in-the-microwave personal chocolate dessert bowls just work WONDERFULLY for cereal, soup and dog food.

Versatility is the name of the game here. My large plastic bowls have been used to collect apples, peaches, pears, rocks, fish, salamanders, slugs, Halloween candy and puke.
The medium ones I use for mixing cookies, pie dough, bread dough, meatloaf, washing the urine-soaked pieces of the hamster cage and then, ummmm, Puke.
The small ones come in handy for butter dishes, cereal bowls, cat food, dog water, Bug collections and, well, Puke.

With four kids, my favorite containers are those big buckets with lids that Ice Cream comes in! After the ravenous horde falls upon it as I unpack the groceries, the left over handled bucket is awesome at the beach, for freezing blanched corn or plums, refridgerating large quantities of soup and as an emergency toilet. WITH a lid, no less.

Now that I have totally grossed you out, you can call your friend and say, "OH! I would NEVER use my containers like that woman. She is a vulgar redneck!"
I know. Because I used to feel the same way. But there comes a time when you are traveling down a turnpike with no restroom in sight and a three year old SCREAMING for a potty.... Or when you have been up all night holding your seven year old over the toilet and the edge of the tub has worn a groove in your butt and you would give anything to just lay down on the living room floor next to the child and sleep for just two minutes...

Ya'll know what I'm sayin'...
Been there, done that.

I LOVE PLASTIC STORAGE CONTAINERS. :D Making life easier, one bowl at a time.

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