Sunday, December 23, 2007

It's official...I'm weird!

Blogger-buddy and fellow student MotoMom filled out this meme. No, she didn't tag me.

But I stole it anyway. :P

Hers is a "Christmas Version". Don't know if I can stick with that or not, but I'll try...


7 Weird Things
1. We do a "Birthday Cake for Jesus". OK, that is IF I remember to buy the mix. Well, this year, I did buy the mix. Is it alright if I got "Devil's Food" for Jesus' birthday cake?
2. I don't like "It's a Wonderful Life". I don't know, just something too "dark" about it. My mother thinks I'm weird because of this.
3. I have also never seen the "Nightmare Before Christmas". Don't faint.
4. I could watch "White Christmas" twice a day for the entire month of December and never get tired of it. Sometimes I do. And sometimes, I even watch it in **gasp** May and July. And August and April and...
5. The best Christmas gift I ever got was a Super Nintendo. SNES. Remember those? I still have it!
6. I sometimes forget to open my presents on Christmas morning. I get so in to watching the kids and placing batteries and cleaning up wrapping paper...till one of the kids says "MOM!"
7. All I want for Christmas this year is my own car that runs. (sing to the tune of "all I want for Christmas is my two front teeth"). I know it sounds petty, but having to ask someones' permission to use the car is so, I don't know, IRRITATING. I know I should be grateful. I keep telling myself that.

Am I weird? I think so. I could keep going if you need more proof...

Tag! yer it!


bisdakbabbles said...

you're not weird...
I haven't seen "Nightmare Before Christmas" either... and "White Christmas",too!

Merry Christmas to you and your family! ^-^

Qtpies7 said...

Thats a great meme!
I don't watch Christmas movies. And I will most definatly not watch the Nightmare before Christmas.
I'm also rather a scrooge, becuase I don't like doing presents at Christmas. I love doing presents, but something about Christmas makes me unhappy, like we should be focusing elsewhere. Which is hard to do.

Anyway, lol, Thanks for your comment on Kaytlin's ego boost, hehe. I could NOT figure out that stupid auto text thing, and couldn't figure out how to change it out, so Kaytlin set it up for me to type, and I did figure out how to send it. But I couldn't do another text on my own. I was trying to type "And" and ended up with the word "book" so I freaked out.