Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Christmas Tragedy

I thought someone had been shot for all the screaming and hysterics.

Crying, running, wailing, everyone shouting NOT ME, MOM, it WASN't ME!!!!!

It was the cat.

Actually, it was Mommy's fault.
Take away my Mommy License.

OOOOPS! I forgot! I'm unlicensed! :D

Anyway, our huge seven foot Christmas tree was a little wobbly. I should have known better. Well, actually, I DID know better. Kept thinking "I should anchor that hummer to the wall before it goes over." And I didn't. Kept putting it off.

Put it up on Sunday...it came down on Monday.
Only broke one glass ball but scared the hoohah out of the girls.
And the cat.

And I had to redecorate it.

After I tacked it to the oak entertainment center with an eyebolt and fishing line, that is.

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