Monday, December 10, 2007

The BEST day of the YEAR!

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And this months' theme is....... (she always says "drumroll, please! :D )

The Best Time of the Year

Now, I know yer thinkin' I'm gonna talk about a holiday. Specifically, the one comin' up in just a couple'a weeks.

Uummmmm, No.

Even though I'm a BIIIIG Christmas junkie, there is another week of the year that makes my heart sing.

If you have kids, you'll probably agree.


Now, please, don't get me wrong. I love my kiddos with everything that is within me to love them with. We have lots of summer fun riding bikes, going to the park, camping once or twice, visiting relatives, fishing, swimming. Then there is the financially staggering end-of-August shopping for clothes and school supplies for four kids. And the last-week-of-August Season Of Whining and Fighting...all that pent-up anxiety and excitement has to go SOMEWHERE, you know.

Then comes the Tuesday after Labor Day. Get up at 5am, find all the school supplies, struggle into the new clothes, make sure the hair looks just right, "Where's my deodorant?!", "Where's my GLASSES?!", "MOM, she ate my breakfast when I was in the bathroom!!".

Load the precious darlings (read those last two words through clenched teeth to get the full effect) into the car and battle for a parking place with the two hundred other parents' cars on the lawns at the school because we ALL want to walk our kids in to class, you know. Find the room, meet the teacher, hug and kiss. And "nosy kiss" (the five-year-old HAS to have an Eskimo kiss, you know!). Then...


To the car...

To the house...

It's Soooooooooo QUIET!

What will I do first? Clean the breakfast dishes off the table? Put in a load of laundry? Clean the bathroom?

NAY, fellow parents!

My coffee cup calleth. And the guilty pleasure of watching the news or "A Baby Story" without interruption (save the commercials).

I think I may even put my feet up.



Scribbit said...

I'm with you--this summer was especially tricky for some reason but luckily school started in August for us.

Jordan (MamaBlogga) said...

I'm looking forward to the same thing—in three more years. Sigh.

Thanks for participating!

Mama Zen said...

Yes, yes, yes!

vanessa said...

Sounds like fun. I am a home school mother so i look forward to daddy getting home and good hot bath. blessings, vanessa