Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Autumn Goody Swap?! GOODY GOODY

Christy at "Are We There Yet, Mom?" is hostessing a gift chain. I LOVE THESE THINGS. Last day is October 16th.

I adore being able to encourage someone else and make their day brighter. Go check it out and sign up. It looks like alot of fun!

She asks some questions in the blog post about's my answers -
What do you like best about Fall?
My birthday! That and the pretty leaves.

Do you have any family traditions for this time of year?
We decorate outside the house and carve our pumpkins. WE have one pumpkin for each family member. Have even been known to get a couple little two-inchers for the cats. And we go trick or treating around our neighborhood. Last year, MG followed us in the car so when the kids got cold they could hop in with him.

What’s your favorite Halloween chocolate?
Three Musketeers

Is there any Halloween treat you do not like?
I'm not big on the candy corn either, but I don't do hard candy at all.

What has been the best Halloween costume you’ve ever dressed up in?
I've done some pretty elaborate ones for the kids, but I never really took that much time on my own. I was usually a gypsy or a hobo. Whatever was easy and fast. :D


Donetta said...

This will be fun who referred you? Let Christine know.

shiera said...

I'm Shiera, I'll be the one who's going to give you some autumn goodies. ^-^

Can you give me your email address so that we could exchange information for the goody swap?

Mine: bisdakbabbles @ gmail dot com