Monday, September 10, 2007


"They" host a free carnival once a year. For "at-risk" kids. Kids in therapy or who are clients of the Illustrious Department Of Human Resources. (better known as the department of "we're-watching-you-so-don't-screw-up-or-we'll-take-your-kids-away").

Don't ask me who "they" is cuz I don't know. But I know we got invited. Cowboy theme this year.

And I do know that the kids had a blast on the huge slide and the bouncy castle. The petting zoo and the horsie rides and the calf roping. And the face painting and the game booths and ALL the free food, drink, popcorn, ice cream, candy, and soft pretzels you could stuff in your face.

Mommy enjoyed the cloggers. Even got up and danced with them a couple of times. TOO much fun. Too bad they practice an hour away. I might have considered joining up.

Anyway, here's some photos. I wish I had a scanner because we got a family pic done and the kids each got a "Wanted" poster. I hung them on the wall where the school portraits go. Just till we get school portraits.

Or maybe longer...

I know it's hard to see...but she's face-painted like a skeleton. The paint came off in the pool about 2 hours later. #3's shirt says "I can only please on person a day. Today is not your day. Tomorrow doesn't look good either." I wanted THAT shirt...but alas, it was too small.The ponies were a big hit. You can't see it, but #2's shirt says "If you could read my mind, you wouldn't be smiling". No, I didn't buy it for her! Hand-me-down, oK?The dude. Usually I try to limit his food intake. Cuz I'm a little worried about his size. But I "let him go" at the carnival. Said "pig out, Dude. It's free!" He actually did well, though. I was proud of him.
#4 in the petting zoo. I took alot of pictures of her...mainly because she was attached to me at the hip. She is too cute for her own good.#3 on the ponies. Sometimes the camera phone takes pictures SoooSoooo teeny, you can't even tell what they look like. Aaarg! Shouldn't complain. At least I have A camera.
#2 had a skull and crossbones on one cheek. Hey, I thought this was a "Cowboy Thing"!?!He's ropin'! He actually did very well. The "teachers" were surprised!"Take the picture, Mom! I think I'm gonna fall off this thing!"

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