Sunday, September 02, 2007

#4 strikes again...

You probably can't see it real well, but she wanted to be a "mouse". So I took an eyeliner pencil and drew mouse nose and whiskers on her.

And NO she's not na**ed...Trust me, she's wearing shorts.
"Mom, Look at my purse!"

Ummmm, honey, that isn't your's.

"I know. Oh well. But I've got TICKETS!"

Really? To a concert or a show?

"No! To the meat store."

WOW. Whatcha gonna buy? Hamburger or steak?

"MOOoom! Not that! The MEET know, where you MEET people?"

(She could have added "Duh?!? and I wouldn't have felt stupider. Is that a word?)

But it WAS pretty funny.

"Mom, I'm gonna live with you forever. Ok, maybe just till I get married or learn how to drive."


We went and got "school" haircuts yesterday.

Trimmed #2's hair short. Got mine tamed...for the time bein'.
And got #4's long curls shaped some. Bangs trimmed.

I say "WOW, you look Beautiful!"

"I know! Everyone in my class will be jealous, too!"

Oh My.

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Donetta said...

She is so cute it is all too wonderful. I like the meet store. I met you there. You feel free to use those family ways I would celebrate it. I have to locate my book. I have been wanting to re-copied the coloring pages for my kids to have a refresher.
I hope you have a great day. thank you for your kindness