Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Living the Dream

So it's no secret that I LOVE the Crazy Hip Blog Mamas!

And if they are having a CONTEST, you know I'm gonna be RIGHT on that one! Cuz it's FUN!!
Plus, I have this problem...Help! I'm blogging and I can't Shut up!

OK... Back to the point! Try this one.
C'mon! Give it a whirl. Write your heart out. Live dangerously!

The generous crew at LTDChix is giving away a "Living the Dream" T-shirt.

Go check them out...right now...

it's ok. I'll wait right here.

Did you see them? Aren't they HILARIOUS??? My personal fav was the referee Mom.
Cuz that's like how I feel every MINUTE of the day that more than one child is home at a time.

The TOPIC is “Living the Mommy Dream!".
Hands down, it's the fact that I get to be MAGIC.

It's very cool. Having your kids go "Ooooo, Aaaah" - you know, kinda like when they see the fireworks. All you have to do is a few little optical illusions! Like the rubber pencil trick. Hold the pencil loosely on one end with your thumb and index finger and wave it up and down. It looks like it's bending.
Or when you put your elbows together and swing your arms around in the "around and down" thing we learned as teenagers. If you don't know what I'm talking about, trust me, it looks VERY freaky.
Then there is that "mommy esp" that serves so well. When you round the corner and the kiddo looks at you with that Deer-In-The-Headlights look that says "HOW in the name of all that is holy did she KNOW I was in here getting into the cookies????!"

Because I'm MAGIC!

Plus, you know, it was just too dern quiet in here.

Some day they will figure out that I'm just a mortal...but until then??

I'm milkin' it for all it's worth, ya'll!!

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