Tuesday, April 17, 2007

**TOMORROW** for Heather

I've been asking prayer from everyone I know for my friend Heather. She is the mother of three, one with significant special needs and wife to a wonderful pastor. She is a blessing to everyone she meets.
Back in January, we did a Love-a-thon for my friend Kelli organized by BooMama. It as an INCREDIBLE success and blessed us ALL!
Tomorrow, BooMama is at it again! We want to send Heather and her hubby off to the Mayo Clinic with a love offering. Check out all the details
Even if you can't give right now, just leave them a comment to let Heather know you will support her with prayers. She and her family really need us all to lift them up in the next few weeks.

PLEASE continue to remember Kelli as well. She is still in danger from her infection!

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