Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Smile - CHBM Carnival #27

Our carnival this week at CHBM's is "Favorite Beauty Secret/Product".

Friends, I am the LAST person to ask about beauty products. Mainly because I wash my face with Dove Pure and Natural when I shower and I only wear mascara, eye liner and blush for special occasions. And I mean REALLY special, like when a country farmer would wear his one-and-only black suit; we're talking weddings, funerals and job interviews only.

When I was a teenager, I used to wash with Noxema every morning. That stuff REALLY burns when you get it in your eyes. WOW!

So I guess I will have to say that my favorite...Uhhhh, my ONLY beauty secret is ~

I know, it sounds corny. But I get so many compliments on just acting happy. I've had people say "you look like you've just got done smiling or you're just about to smile". You can make others feel better just by smiling at them.
Now, I must admit, I don't have the prettiest smile. 80% of my front teeth are composite fillings. But you don't have to grin all the time; just turn up the corners of your mouth. And I do have to warn you that a few extra wrinkles may show; those nasty old crow's feet may rear their ugly heads. But I've found that most people don't notice that...because they are looking at your eyes or your lips!!

Give it a shot. :D

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