Saturday, April 14, 2007


Oh, man! You guys, I am SO jazzed.

I signed up for my FIRST ever college class, got my first ever TEXT book and started working.

I had to register a little late; I won a small scholarship and had to process the paperwork. And I'm only taking one class. But that's ok. It's what I need right now.

WOW, it feels SO good to be using the old brain again. Please pray for me.

Yippee! Happy dance!

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MotoMom said...

Congratulations! Starting with one class will help you get into the swing of things and not be overwhelming. If your school does a book buy-back take advantage of it at the end of the term. I took in a bunch last term and was only able to sell back two because they had printed newer versions of the texts. However I did make enough to buy my book for this term and walk away with $40.