Saturday, March 31, 2007

I gotta Sing! - Psalm 13

Erica over at Butterfly Kisses started this weekly study of Psalms. We are on week 13...and therefore Chapter 13!

I did my standard weekly look-up on Bible Gateway and prayed about it for awhile. So I'll share with you what was laid on my heart to say. I may not know WHY...but I felt impressed to write about one of my favorite subjects.


I adore singing. I'm not joking. I sing something everyday. Whether I'm singing along with the radio, singing while I'm cooking, singing while I'm sewing, singing with my kids or accidentally break out singing Christmas carols while I'm sitting at the computer.

Yes, everyone looks at me like I'm nuts! It is, after all, MARCH. I can't help it!! They just pop out!

Anyway, here's a little history on my singing "career". I took voice lessons for four years through Junior high and early high school. Learned about opening your throat...sang alot of Italian. Cuz they have alot of vowels, you know.
Performed my first gospel concert my junior year of high school. I ended up singing with a cold, my voice cracked. I sounded AWFUL.
My senior year in high school, I held the lead in the Spring Musical production of "Bye Bye Birdie". Yeehaw.
I've sang in choirs - every part from Baritone to Soprano. I've sang in lots of holiday programs at church. I recorded my own CD in a friend's home studio to give to my family and friends. I sang to my children from the moment I knew I was pregnant.
I've lead singing at church for several years...until I got my current job and have to work Sundays.

Unfortunately, I chose to smoke for a year after my exhusband was arrested last year. My vocal range was damaged and it will take awhile for me to recover...if I ever can.
My children use my singing as a barometer for "how Mommy is feeling". After my exhusband left us, things were rough. After I found a counselor for the kids, we began sessions with my son and I; then my daughter and I. At my son's first session, Counselor says "#1, what worries you the most?" And he says "My mom is sad. She doesn't sing anymore".

No need to say, I lost it. Bawled like a baby.
Because he was right. Talk about a wakeup call!

I often wondered what I would do if I couldn't sing. It is how I tell God "Thank You". It is how I tell Him that I love Him. It is how I praise Him. Not the ONLY way, of course, but a big part.
I so enjoy singing with my kids...little praise choruses; especially those with motions. When they are being naughty in the car, I bust out with "Jesus, Loves me, this I know! For the Bible tells me so!" And they usually just quit their fussing and start singing along.
When God blesses us with unexpected funds or provisions, we sing "God is so good, God is so good, God is so good, He's so good to me!" all the way home.

Another fact about my singing...I can't read music. Not a note. I can tell how long the note is supposed to last, but I don't know an A from an E or a Bflat. I fake it by watching to see if the notes go up or down then fluctuate my voice up or down and try to quickly match the music.
I took guitar lessons, too. Go Figure! I SO WISH I could read music. I feel hampered by this. Maybe some day I will learn. I've heard that the legendary Carol Cymbala can't read music either. Hmmmm...

It doesn't matter...I will sing as I can. Sing to my Father who gave me this gift. And use it for Him whenever possible.

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Butterfly Kisses said...

That was fun to read!!! I am a singer too. I grew up in choirs...doing shows in theaters...I always wanted to sing professionally or be on broadway. And like you, that is how and when I feel the closest to God...through song. When I am in worship, that is when I feel His presence. And sometimes I feel like that maybe is why I don't read my Bible as much as I should...because I have a harder time feeling Him in that time. But when I sing to's amazing. I am sure you know what I mean. And I too don't know what I'd do if I couldn't sing. I have throat problems a lot. When I get sick..usually my throat is the first place it goes. That makes me think sometimes there is a reason I am not singing professionally. And I usually lose my voice for a few days..and it's the worst. I try to sing anyway, which I know is damaging..and then I get all depressed when I open my mouth and either nothing comes out or some note not even close to what I should be singing belts out. So, I relate fully to what you wrote. And I too loved that verse in Psalm 13.