Monday, February 12, 2007

I got a present! HooooWEEEE! Check it out!!

Ya'll...this is SO COOL! I got a present in the mail today. Check it out!
Beautiful black box wrapped in fuschia ribbon with a red "Hello Kitty" card on top.

And HoooYAH! It says MY NAME!

Inside I find this sweet red candy dish, a beautiful silver and red votive glass with swirling hearts on it and...

Lots and lots and lots of C H O C O L A T E! Local Girl at Island Life lined up the GREAT Valentine's day Treat Swap. I sent mine off to Patent Princess and today I got my turn! Stephanie at was SO sweet. I really appreciate her generosity.

I did have to hide the Dove Dark Chocolate hearts from MG, though, before I went to work. He ADORED them...and I want to have some left when I get home tonight!

Thank you SO MUCH, Stephanie. I loved it all!

** Sorry for the off-color, weird pictures. $19.99 digital cam from Wally World. It only works outside. Sometimes. When it feels like it.


local girl said...

I love the candy dish . . . it's so pretty. Looks like you got some great stuff! Hope you have a wonderful Valentine's Day!

Karianne said...

Yummy. I love the Doves too.

MotoMom said...

Cute dish! I have my own secret stash of Dove dark chocolates. My little way of self medicating once in a while.
BTW I read your birth stories this weekend. My girl was also born June 13th.

SeaBird said...

Mmmm, Dove chocoates! I participated in the goody swap as well and am checking out everyone else's sites :)

TopChamp said...

Loving this idea - and jealous of the chocs and pretty dish.... Happy Valentines from Scotland.