Monday, February 19, 2007

Funny kids...

Heard today at my house...

three girls coloring at the table. I'm making cookies nearby in the kitchen...
#3 - "Mom, what's a Picket Sign?"
#2 - "Don't you know? It's a sign you make when you're going to pick your nose!"

What made it so dern funny was that she was TOTALLY serious when she said that! :D


MG is sitting in his usual spot on the couch when #4 comes scootin' up for a hug. She climbs up on his lap and lays her head on his shoulder for a minute. Awwwww...
Then she pops her head up, squints at his cheek, LICKS her THUMB...And

YEP, You guessed it. Rubbed a spot off his face with her spit-wet thumb!

He's all - "EWWWWW! You SPIT on ME!"

Mommy's girl, she is!

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