Monday, January 29, 2007

CHBM ~ My finest features

Drumroll please........

This weeks' question for discussion on the CRAZY HIP BLOG MAMAS carnival is - "What parts of yourself do you hope that your child(ren) get from you?"

You know, when I stopped to think about it I realized I DON'T KNOW!
I know what parts of me I DON'T want them to get. But let's not even GO there.
Seriously. NO.

So now I have to think about something GOOD about myself. Ummmm, OK, give me a minute.

Hang on.

No, wait. Really. I can do this.


Alright, let's start with something simple.
I KNOW, I KNOW...I have decent hair. Thick, naturally wavy. I would wish that on my children; that they never have to worry about going bald.

I'm getting warmed up here.
My voice is fair. I hope my kids are able to sing well enough to pass on to their children the songs my grandmother taught me and I've taught them. Those little tunes are a legacy I have always treasured.

Faith. I hope they pick up some of they don't have to learn theirs the hard way, like I've had to.
Unconditional love. I want to make sure they know that I love them, always. I may not like what they do and we may argue some. But I will always love them. I grew up with that as the stabilizing factor in my life and it has made a difference.

The ability to cook. So their "significant others" won't starve to death. It's a good way to snag a guy. And it's a great way to welcome someone to the neighborhood. And if you're too broke to buy Christmas gifts, you can bake something. It works.

Most of all, I pray that I leave them with the understanding that it doesn't matter WHAT you have, it matters WHO you have. You can lose every material possession and still be content when those you love around you and the knowledge that your Heavenly Father is holding you in His hand. He doesn't promise things won't go wrong in this world, but He does promise to be with us when it happens.

OH! And my gorgeous feet. Even if they are a tad large. I wish them pretty feet.

And that's all.


See what you started???


Karianne said...

Good for you! Now, read this post to yourself every morning to get used to thinking like this. You are great

Belle said...

Those are all great and understandable things to wish for your children. I had to chuckle at the cooking one, though, because that really is so important for all the reasons you mentioned! I love your sense of humor.

Just here via the carnival.

Jenn said...

lol - that's a pretty fine list! good feet are good, and cooking is even better (just ask my husband...who does nearly all the cooking around here)

(via CHBM)

amaras_mom said...

Heaven knows I wish my mom passed along the ability to cook because DH starves every night! Great post. Here via CHBM!

Alex Elliot said...

The ability to cook is great one. I wish I had that!