Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Do good to those that hate you...


Sometimes this is such a hard thing to remember, you know? As a fallible human, most of the time my first reaction is to just STRIKE BACK. Not that I have any enemies, but there are some people in this life that you just can't reach an agreement with, no matter HOW hard you try.
AND I've discovered that some people LIKE to argue. They will say whatever it takes to try to get you riled up. On of my friends call them "Sh** stirrers". They LIVE to see people argue, they give their opinions to you whether you WANT them or NOT, they judge, condemn, try to cast guilt and blame. Not happy people, basically, and they want you to be just as MISERABLE and ALONE as they are.
Me, I've always been a peacemaker. Even when I was little, I would come home from school crying because two of my friends weren't getting along.
Not that I put much stock in Astrology, but my "sign" is Libra...represented by scales. I guess that means I need balance. Which is true. I like things on an even keel...no surprises. I want to know what's happening and feel safe. Don't like to get outside my comfort zone.
And I used to just let it slide whenever someone would upset me. I'd stew about it or vent to a friend, but never NEVER confront anyone. Guess I'm getting a little FEISTY in my old age. Because twice in just this last week, I have decided I wasn't going to take it "lying down". I spoke up!! Answered back! Stood up for myself! Of course it didn't make one bit of difference...the person I had to defend myself to did not change their mind nor will they EVER change their mind. But that doesn't matter. I said what I needed to say, allowed a reply or two then I shut down the conversation. There is no need to prolong the argument...but there IS a need to stand up for what's right regardless of whether or not it changes anything.
The little saying at the top of this blog was found on someone else's page and I thought "HOW true!!" Even God says in His Word "Do good to those that hate you; for in doing so, you heap coals of fire upon their head."
It is VERY important to keep that in mind, especially when choosing to engage in a disagreement with someone. Remaining civilized is the key. No name calling, foul language, debasing the other person's character...in other words, fight fair. And END the discussion before it gets out of hand.
That's my two cents..for whatever it's worth. Take it with a grain of salt. I just wanted to share that I was actually SURPRISED at myself for not choosing to be a doormat this time. A little confidence goes a long way, I guess...

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